Care Partner FAQ

What does a Care Partner do?

A Care Partner’s main role is to provide space for you to think out loud while pointing you back to Jesus, biblical truth and grace. Care Partners listen, ask questions, and offer prayer support to anyone enduring a season of hardship.


What kinds of hardships do Care Partners address?

Examples are: grief, divorce, job loss, spiritual questions, loneliness, major life changes, loss of a loved one, major illness, etc.


What are Care Partners not equipped to address?

Care Partners are not Professional Counselors, but are able to provide referrals to counselors if necessary. Hardships addressed with Professionals are: debilitating depression or anxiety, self-harm, uncontrollable anger, addictions, repeat infidelity, etc.


What happens after I fill out a Care Receiver Questionnaire?

A Care Coordinator will contact you within 48 hours and will pair you with an available Care Partner in approximately 7-10 days.  All submissions are confidential.


What is a Care Receiver?

Anyone who requests a Care Partner and receives care from this ministry.


How often do Care Partners meet with a Care Receiver?

Typically once a week for about 1 hour.


What is the length of a typical Care Partner/Care Receiver relationship?

The length of the overall relationship depends on the need. It can one conversation, or it can be a few months in length.


What can I expect from a typical Care meeting?

Non-judgmental listening, space to think and talk, and a time of prayer.


Where do Care meetings take place?

Care meetings take place in public locations convenient to both Care Partner and Care Receiver (eg. Eastview atrium or coffee shop).


Is a Care Partner a new friend?

Because Care Partners are warm and caring individuals, they tend to feel like friends, however, Care Partners are designed to be temporary mentors or supports.


Will our conversations be kept confidential?

Confidentiality is important in safe relationships and will be kept by Care Partners except in cases where harm to self or others exists.


Can I contact my Care Partner at anytime?

Your Care Partner will set the expectations for communication at the initial meeting.