Elder Updates

Elder Update 3/19/2023

Mar 19, 2023

The third-party investigators are in the process of collecting documents relevant to the investigation. ECC is voluntarily cooperating in this process and will continue to do so. The third party is setting up interviews with individuals who have come forward with relevant information, and those interviews may be done in person, via video, or via phone call. Anyone with relevant information who would like to meet with the investigator should email info@wagenmakerlaw.com by March 31.

In addition, we want to be clear that even though Wagenmaker & Oberly is a law firm, ECC has not retained them in a...

ELT Third Party Audit Selection Process

Mar 11, 2023

In the past two weeks, the Elder Leadership Team (ELT) was faced with the task of evaluating and selecting a third-party audit firm to conduct the audit/investigation as outlined in our previous communication.  In making that decision, there were several criteria that we felt were necessary: 

  • High recommendations from churches/other NFPs that have had need for similar help 
  • Ability to conduct the audit/investigation in an immediate and timely fashion if possible 
  • Trauma informed approach toward investigation
  • Willingness to not only conduct restorative justice work...

Elder Update March 5, 2023

Mar 05, 2023

Eastview Christian Church has contracted Wagenmaker & Oberly, a trauma informed third-party investigation team to lead our investigation. To provide a clear and safe path for victims to communicate directly and without the involvement of Eastview’s leadership or Elders you may report an instance of abuse or concerns related to abuse to the investigative team at: info@wagenmakerlaw.com. However, we will continue to maintain a direct line of communication to the elder team at: eastviewelders@eastview.church for anyone that wants to make their concern known to the elders. Please know that the elders will share all email communication regarding allegations...

Mike Baker's Resignation

Feb 25, 2023

The Elders were committed to walking this journey with Mike Baker, endeavoring to support the truth-seeking process to transparently reflect and correct – if necessary. Over the recent days the Elders met in executive session to determine the best path forward. Before decisions were finalized, Elders and ECC leadership removed the Saturday, February 25th edition of “Mike Talks.” Very soon thereafter, regrettably, Mike submitted his resignation as the Senior Pastor of Eastview Christian Church. The Elders did not call for his resignation.

Later, on February 25th, the Elders met with Mike. Then and now the Elders believe that for the...

Elder Response February 25, 2023

Feb 25, 2023

In recent days, a series of allegations have been made by past members and staff of Eastview Christian Church (“ECC”). The communications specifically address alleged instances of abuse against adult women by Caleb Baker, a former pastor, as well as specific instances of alleged abusive power dynamic and cover-up by church leadership in 2016. The allegations raise concerns as to the culture and health of ECC in 2016 and today.

The Elders and ECC leadership are committed to responding to these allegations in a godly way that prioritizes truth and the safety and healing of past and present staff members of...