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As the Junior High Ministry, our goal is to point students to Jesus and walk alongside them as they navigate junior high and all the challenges that come with this phase of life. Furthermore, we strongly believe in partnering with parents and guardians. The Parent Hub is a centralized location for all information from Sunday services to events and everything in between. We will be updating this page regularly, so check back every so often for new information!

From February 3rd through March 10th we are diving into the series “A for Effort”. We will be discussing Peter’s relationship with Jesus and what we can learn from his good intentioned mistakes as he followed Jesus as a disciple. We hope this series encourages your student to press into Jesus and trust him through all the challenges they experience in life. Parent cues for this series are up! We hope this resource helps you continue the conversations we’re having during Sunday services over the course of this month!



  Parent Cues  


We believe that small groups are vital in cultivating community and a deep relationship with Jesus. We would love for you to join your students in their small group discussions! Each grade has their own curriculum in hopes of catering to the needs of their spiritual understanding. In the links below you will find parent cues that summarize the topic your student discussed in small group, key scriptures from the lesson, and an action step for you as their parent. 8th grade's curriculum is set up differently than the underclassmen. In the 8th grade link you will find the scripture they are reading through and the questions they are answering about it. Check back for updated parent cues! 


All parent cues are up!  



6th - Ridiculous Love  


7th - Fearless Followers  


8th - Devoted Disciples 


  Small Groups Calendar   


For more information about the different events we have available, check out our Events page!


Upcoming Events


Registration for our summer events is now open! Follow the links for event descriptions and registration forms. We are so excited to experience these events with your students!


 SIX Current 5th Graders


MIX  Current 6th Graders


 FIX Current 7th Graders


 Move Current 8th Graders


Serving is the heartbeat of our ministry. We believe that serving cultivates community and a closer relationship with Jesus. There are multiple ways for your student to serve! For more information, check out our serving opportunities and for further questions contact Aleska Barkoviak


 Ways to Serve 


Luke Brodeur | Student Pastor | lbrodeur@eastview.church

Matt McClane | Student Pastor | mmcclane@eastview.church 

Aleska Barkoviak | Worship Pastor | abarkoviak@eastview.church

Amy Arnold | Small Groups Pastor | aarnold@eastivew.church

Stuart Blade | Small Groups Pastor | sblade@eastview.church

Jill Karch | Administrator | jkarch@eastview.church 



We are now offering a texting service to keep you up to date with the latest announcements and remind you of upcoming events! We promise not to overwhelm you with excessive text messages! Join by texting @parentsjhm to 81010.