Small Groups 2021

Summer Initiative 


Summer is just a sneeze away. Parents are gearing up for summer schedules and figuring out ways to stay sane with the kids at home. And somewhere in the deep recesses of our leadership minds, the ever popular small group question surfaces: 

"What should we do over the summer?"
Well, it's time to dust the spring pollen off our favorite summertime small group saying and add a new coat of luster. Are you ready?
Change the rhythm but keep the routine.
To really paraphrase Hebrews 10:24, "Don't give up meeting together - just be creative and open about how to gather over the summer."
Seriously, don't succumb to the taboo and let things spiral out of control.
Fight the good fight of having your group gather through the summer!
The possibilities are really endless, but we challenge you to consider 3 BIG ways to engage your group and your community this summer:

  1. Bless. Choose 1 person / family in your neighborhood you want to get to know and find a way to bless them.
  2. Invite. Take advantage of the weather and eat together. Plan one outdoor gathering (at a group member’s home / or a designated park) and ask each member/couple in your group to invite an unconnected friend to this gathering. We highly recommend providing food. No hidden agendas, just enjoy a good time with new people
  3. Gather. Challenge your group to meet 1x each month (more is also acceptable) and determine those dates right now.

That's our BIG summer initiative for you!
Change the rhythm but don't change the routine. 
The possibilities are endless and we give you permission to make this your own.
Schedule your summer dates NOW and get everyone to lock them in the calendars that really matter. So grab your favorite (appropriate) summertime drink, get your group to keep going, and here's to having an intentionally BIG summer!








Our fall church study is entitled, “On Purpose: From Wandering and Running to Follow.” And we are going help everyone focus in on discovering what God’s purpose is for each of us. Through the lens of Moses’ burning bush encounter with God (found in Exodus 3 and 4) we will be asking and answering 6 profound questions. 


At the end of this 6 week / 40 day journey our prayer is that you will be able to articulate who God created you to be, how he intends to empower and utilize you for his work, and how you can begin to live on purpose. 


Important Dates:

August 29: Vision Sunday

September 5: Labor Day Weekend and hosting of neighborhood parties

September 12: On Purpose Kickoff 

        September 12-18: Week 1

        September 19-25: Week 2

        September 26-October 2: Week 3

        October 3-9: Week 4

        October 10-16: Week 5

        October 17-22: Week 6


Free Digital Sample of On Purpose


Enjoy this downloadable pdf. It will give you an idea of how the study is formatted




Q1: When should my group start?

A1: Regardless of what day of the week your group meets, plan to kick everything off on Sunday September 12th.


Q2: What resources will I need?

A2: Each person should get a copy of the book. This book contains the daily readings, weekly small group guide, and additional resources to help you define your purpose. You will also find each week’s teaching video and leader video tips at 


Q3: How can I get the most out of this study?

A3: Great question! We highly encourage you and your group to commit to the following in this order: 

        Participate in each Sunday service 

        Explore in the daily readings

        Engage in the small group experience

        Utilize the additional resources found in the back of the book

        Pray and Apply everything you learn


Q4: Can I start a new group for this study?

Q4: Absolutely!!!! Invite 3-4 friends and let us know by contacting and we will get you everything you need to start well.


Q5: How can we grow our current group?

Q5: We encourage you and your group to identify some people you know and invite them into your group. 


We know there are more questions, so feel free to ask our team whatever you need in order to have a great experience with “On Purpose.”