Executive Leadership Team
Mike Baker Senior Pastor
Tyler Hari Executive Pastor
Laura Avery Administrative Assistant
Mark Zimmerman Pastor of Finance
Lisa Worthen Accounts Payable Clerk
Sherry Cremer Accounting Clerk
Beccy Gabbard Contribution Specialist
Building Services
Kevin Butler Pastor of Building Services
Joe Juarez Building Services
Mike Smith Building Services
Andrew Stephenson Building Services
Sam Gibson Building Services
Abe Shoemaker Building Services
Robert O'Rourke Building Services
Cara Weber Administrative Assistant
Eastview Kids
Jason Smith Family Pastor
Val Burcham Pastor of Nursery
Ellie Wakeman Pastor of 2's & 3's
Joey Eells Pastor of PreK-1st Grade
Kami Cecchetti Pastor of 2nd and 3rd Grade
Vicky Snyder 2nd and 3rd Grade Ministry Assistant
Rachel Warren Pastor of 4th-5th Grade
Tia Bursack Associate Pastor of 4th and 5th Grade
Amy Nika Pastor of Children's Ministry - Bloomington Campus
Mendy Majers Eastview Kids Administrative Assistant
Julie Heinold Eastview Kids Curriculum Coordinator
Shannon Blackwood Support Team Administrative Assistant
David Schertz Next Gen Videographer
Shari Weitekamp Associate Pastor of Eastview Kids Special Needs
Mark Warren Pastor of Operations and Adult Ministries
Jack Patterson Pastor of Guest Services
Adam Hinkle Manager of Cafe 19
Kathy Owens Receptionist
Andrea McDonald Receptionist
Trena Braun Receptionist
Human Resources
Brenda Paccamonti Human Resources Director
Information Technology
David Leach Pastor of Information Technology
Nathan Kelsey Systems Administrator I
Brandon Haas Systems Administrator II
Shayla Miller Software Administrator I
Kim Leach Software Administrator II
Bertie Barkoviak Technical & Information Technology Administrative Assistant
Involvement & Small Groups
Jason Sniff Pastor of Small Groups
Nicki Green Pastor of Involvement
Sara Thompson Pastor of Member Care
Stuart Blade Associate Pastor of Small Groups
Rachael Melvin Administrative Assistant
Molly Clarkson Associate Pastor of Small Groups: Leadership Development
Laura Burke Small Groups Administrative Assistant
Media & Communications
Karen Norris Pastor of Creative Direction
Annie Brzezinski Videographer
Anissa Mowbray Graphic Designer
Marjorie Kauth Graphic Designer
Samantha Weber Communication Coordinator
Online Campus
Connor Wood Pastor of Online Campus
Tommy Nika Pastor of Eastview Global and Bloomington Campus
Paul Beeghly Associate Pastor of Eastview Global
Sarah Oehler Eastview Global Teams Coordinator
Mark Dossett Community Center Pastor
Desiree Campbell Community Center Associate Pastor
Amy Nussbaum Community Center Associate Pastor
Tammy Culhane Community Center Administrative Assistant
Doug Roberts Pastor of Eastview Sports Outreach
Ratasha Garbes Associate Pastor of Eastview Sports Outreach
Mindy Anliker Sports Outreach Administrative Assistant
Residency Program
Darrell Stribling Director of Residency
Student Ministries
Matt McClane Pastor of Eastview Students: Junior High
Zach Thompson Pastor of Eastview Students: High School
Aleska Barkoviak Pastor of Eastview Students: Worship
Jill Karch Junior High Administrative Assistant
Felicia Severson Associate Pastor of Junior High Small Groups: Girls
Josh Jacobs Associate Pastor of Junior High Small Groups: Boys
Mel Roberts High School Administrative Assistant
Cooper Smith Associate Pastor of High School: Worship
Rich Beasley Associate Pastor of High School Small Groups: Boys
Kim Smith Associate Pastor of High School Small Groups: Girls
Brianne Heimer Associate Pastor of Students: Special Needs
Technical Arts
Dan Fulkerson Pastor of Technical Arts
Andy McGirr Broadcast Producer
Elijah Miller Broadcast Technician
Eli Shermer Technical Director - Normal Campus
Daniel Rojahn Technical Coordinator - Bloomington Campus
Bertie Barkoviak Technical Arts & Information Technology Administrative Assistant
Andrew Loy Production Technician
Worship Arts
Matt Ludwig Pastor of Worship Arts
Jason Sanderson Associate Pastor of Worship Arts
Sarah Schahrer Worship Arts Administrative Assistant