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Something happens when, in the context of community, we feel seen and known. We begin to learn more about Jesus, encourage one another to care for and serve others, and impact the community around us. Small groups at Eastview provide the places for you and anyone you know to belong and take their next steps toward becoming more like Jesus.

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Small Groups at Eastview

What Do Small Groups Do?

  • Create intentional ways to engage with all people.
  • Cultivate diverse communities of grace.
  • Train everyone to become a devoted disciple of Jesus.
  • Empower all disciples to make disciples. 

How Big Are Small Groups?

They vary in size based upon their purpose. Some groups are 3-4 people. Some groups are 8-14 people. Some groups are 20+ people. All of these groups serve a specific purpose in helping you grow. 

When Do Groups meet?

Anytime. Every group decides their best time to gather. 

Where Do Groups meet?

Anywhere. In homes, in the community, online, or on one of the church campuses. 

What Happens at Group?

A lot, but in two words, life change happens.

What Can I Do With My Kids?

Groups do childcare in different ways, but there are options! Some groups hire a babysitter to come to the home they meet in. Other groups find childcare individually in other ways.

How Long are Groups Together? Can I leave?

Some groups are together for just a season, while others stay together for a long time. The most important thing is that every group has a specific purpose and learns to live it out. Purpose produces health and activates every group member to live with intentionality. For as long as a group is together, we want each member to invest by committing to one another and striving toward the group’s purpose. Groups that invest and serve in the community produce the most life change. This has the biggest impact on each person’s growth journey. When it comes time for a group to transition, (career relocation, family changes, starting a new group, etc.) we will work with you to raise up new leadership and to launch everyone into their next group experience. 

What If I Don’t Know a Lot About the Bible?

It’s okay! Our groups are filled with people in all walks of life. Our groups are open to all and are not concerned about your Biblical background. We will journey together to learn, study, and know Jesus and His Word more. 

I Have More Questions. Who Can I Talk To?

We're happy to answer any more of your questions! Email us at smallgroups@eastview.church.