Our Staff

Executive Leadership Team

Tyler Hari

Executive Pastor
Fun. Outgoing. Married up.
4 kids. Killer whales.
All things water. Soccer.

Laura Avery

Administrative Assistant
Loves windshield time.
Laughter. Traveler. Baker.
Coordinator of all things.

Bloomington Campus

Mark Dossett

Bloomington Campus Pastor
Athlete. Reader.
Dreamer. 100% evangelist.

Amy Nika

Next Gen Pastor - Bloomington Campus
Karaoke. Sweet. Gracious.
Road rage. Foodie.
Enneagram 4. Feeler.
Goes with the flow.

Isaac Strong

Associate Pastor of Worship Arts - Bloomington Campus
Kansas City Chiefs super fan.
Family. Worship. Cool shoes.
Swag. Passionate.

Regan Ragle

Youth Outreach Coordinator - Bloomington Campus

Nicole Kaufmann

Administrative Assistant - Bloomington Campus

Building Services

Dan Wakeman

Director of Building Services
Incurable optimist.
Loves God. Love others.
"Do what is right and just." Psalm 21:3

Isaac Weitekamp

Building Services Coordinator

Mike Smith

Building Services Team Lead
Passion for the lost.
Insightful. Traveler.
Outdoor enthusiast.

Abe Shoemaker

Facilities Engineer
Master Carpenter. Singer.
Tool man. Pepsi addict.
Hunter. Fisherman.

Joe Juarez

Building Services
Groovy. Encourager. Mr. Cool.
Music lover and disco kid.
Great laugh.

Andrew Stephenson

Building Services
Hiking. Sailing. Grill Master.
Wannabe Pirate.
Dry Sense of Humor.

Communication and Video

Karen Norris

Pastor of Communications
Happy. Sweet.
Fool for coffee and cardigans.
Farm kid. Listener.

David Schertz

Director of Video
Girl dad. Creative.
Brazilian. Video magic.
Talented. Analytical.

Miles Guffy

Down to earth. Specialty Coffee.
Photography. Disc Golf.

Dawn Mullen

Project Coordinator
Helpful. Tries to be funny.
Planner. Loves puzzles and books.
Avid gardener. Yoga enthusiast.

Eastview Kids

Jason Smith

Next Gen Pastor
Creative. Ornery. Kayak.
Shepherd. Wise. Bears.
Child-like. Relatable.

Val Burcham

Pastor of Nursery
Next level prankster. Disney fan.
Haitian at heart. Adventurer.
Good listener.

Lori Tate

Pastor of Early Childhood
Idea generator. Genuine.
Teacher. Truth in humor.
Hates glitter. Loves naps.

Amanda Hill

Early Childhood Ministry Assistant
All things retro. Happy camper.
Unintentionally witty.
Loyal to the core.

Joey Eells

Pastor of PreK-1st Grade
Buffalo Bills. Little brother. Goofy.
No filter. Feels like family. Authentic.
Married way, way, way up.

Kami Cecchetti

Pastor of 2nd and 3rd Grade
Prankster. Talkative.
Go with the flow.
Excitable. Encouraging.

Shelby Meyer

2nd and 3rd Grade Ministry Coordinator

Rachel Warren

Pastor of 4th-5th Grade
Games lover. Creative. Energetic.
Competitive!! Family.
Diet Dr. Pepper.

Tia Bursack

Associate Pastor of 4th and 5th Grade
Oily. Coke.
Packers. Kind. Fun.
Teacher. Likable.

Shari Weitekamp

Associate Pastor of Eastview Kids Special Needs
Smart. Witty. Resourceful.
Speech Language Pathologist.
Dunkin’ Lover.

Julie Heinold

Eastview Kids Curriculum Coordinator
Creative. Detailed.
Organized. Straight shooter.
Kind. Grammar police.

Mendy Majers

Eastview Kids Administrative Assistant
Behind the scenes. Kind.
Knows the answer. Grandma.
Snickerdoodles. Get's it DONE.


Mark Zimmerman

Pastor of Finance
Board games. Hammocks. Illini.
Cub scouts. Kayaks.
HCM and GOYA board member.

Jennifer Hintz

Contribution Specialist
Kind. Patient. Genuine. Reader.
All things cozy. Autumn.

Lisa Worthen

Accounts Payable & Payroll Specialist
Cake decorator. Loves 1980's.
Tennis. Choir.
Disney lover. Loyal.

Sherry Cremer

Accounting Generalist
Keyboard. Cool and collected.
Helpful. Pickles. Texas BBQ.
Masters in Spiritual Formation.

Guest Services

Mark Warren

Pastor of Operations and Adult Ministries
Pastor of March Madness.
Adventurer. Strategist. Board games.
Ice cream. Chicago sports.

Jack Patterson

Pastor of Guest Services
Coffee. Coffee. Coffee.
Processor. Servant heart. Grandpa.
Willing to do anything.

Adam Hinkle

Manager of Cafe 19
Husband. Father. Foodie.
Amateur Pit Master.

Kathy Owens

Sweet. Smiley. Friendly. Reader.
Walking fiend. Grandma of 16.
Lover of God's word.

Andrea McDonald

Girl Mom. Avid Reader.
Tennis Fan.
Kind. Strong.

Jan Rampey


Human Resources

Marla Bennett

Director of Human Resources

Information Technology

David Leach

Pastor of Information Technology
Dad/Cat herder.
Good listener. Baker.
Dungeon Master.

Brandon Haas

System Administrator II
Can run the world from his phone.
Servants heart.
Best brownie baker EVER!

Kim Leach

Software Administrator II
Aggressive typer. Details. Crafty.
Minecraft. Chocolate.
Dedicated dog mom.

Bertie Barkoviak

Technical & IT Administrative Assistant
Caring. Helpful. Hardworking.
Nerdy. Curious.
Tech team mom.

Involvement & Small Groups

Jason Sniff

Pastor of Small Groups
Wrangler of Team Sniff. Unflappable.
Lives on the edge of Normal (all the time). Humble. Encouraging. Author. Advocate.

Nicki Green

Pastor of Involvement
Knows EVERYBODY, or wants to.
Brave. Sunshine chaser. Ambitious.
Loves sinners. Gospel warrior.

Tracy Tobin

Associate Pastor of Involvement
Rescued. Glamping with the hubs.
Mama of adventurers. Coffee, please.
Creative. Col. 1:17

Sue Taulbee

Associate Pastor of Small Groups: Empty Nesters

Stuart Blade

Associate Pastor of Small Groups
Former firefighter. Enthusiastic!
Walking testimony of the gospel.
LOVES being a dad. Chaplain.

Kathleen Brown

Associate Pastor of Small Groups: Women
Movies. Iced Coffee.
Confetti. Positivity. Outdoorsy.
Disney Channel Kid.

Josh Jacobs

Associate Pastor of Small Groups: Young Adults
Podcast fan. 95% funny.
Encourager. Great hair.
Hates chocolate.

Rachael Melvin

Involvement and Member Care Administrative Assistant
Wizard behind the curtain.
Minimalist. Reserved. Logical.
Devoted mother. Vault.


Sarah Oehler

Eastview Global Teams Coordinator
Department mom. Organized.
Sultan of spread sheets.
Always has a backup plan, or two, or three.

Tommy Nika

Community Outreach Pastor
Meat enthusiast. Minimalist.
Loves true crime. Food snob.
Heart for the down trodden.

Desiree Campbell

Community Outreach Associate Pastor
Vespa rider. Loud.
Never met a stranger.
Joyfully present. Knower of stuff.

Tammy Culhane

Community Outreach Administrative Assistant
Consistent servant. Sacrificial.
Crochet. Photography.
Purposefully nosey.

Diane Haab

Food Pantry Coordinator

Doug Roberts

Pastor of Eastview Sports Outreach
Former Principal. Storyteller.
Happy. Fun father.
Always a smile.

Rick Owens

Sports Outreach Coordinator
Passionate. Gregarious.
Expressive. Impish.
People person.

Mindy Anliker

Sports Outreach Administrative Assistant
Always knows what’s up.
Cool mom. Loves to travel.

Student Ministries

Zach Thompson

Pastor of Eastview Students: High School
Tall. Nice. Preacher.
Leader. Humble. Inclusive.
Kentucky Wildcats.

Matt McClane

Pastor of Eastview Students: Junior High
Garage gym owner. Connector.
Michigan Wolverines.
Coffee connoisseur.
Strong shoe game.

Kim Smith

Associate Pastor of High School Small Groups: Girls
Gentle spirit. Loves red.
Nurse. Good listener.
Great snack maker. Closet nerd.

Dusty Sargent

Associate Pastor of High School Small Groups: Boys
Husband. Dad.
Fun. Loves games.
Builder. Fixer.

Jennifer Dumonceaux

Associate Pastor of Junior High Small Groups: Girls
Proud wife. Excited.
Includer. Hand talker.
Wanna be gardener.

Matt Bursack

Associate Pastor of Junior High Small Groups: Boys
Husband. Proud Dad. Firefighter
OCD. Pickle Juice.

Brianne Heimer

Associate Pastor of Students: Special Needs
Servant. Compassion.
Patient. Athletic. Mom.
Skillful. Positive.

Cooper Smith

Associate Pastor of Eastview Students: Worship
Class optimist. Talented.
Church rat. Loves to connect.
Can play any instrument.

Camden Radecki

Associate Pastor of Jr High: Worship

Allison Rancour

High School Administrative Assistant
Upbeat. Disney princess wannabe.
All things pink. Dancing queen.
Loves her people.

Jill Karch

Junior High Administrative Assistant
All the nice words: Caring, Kind, Sweet. Best hype person.
Party planner extraordinaire.

Technical Arts

Eli Shermer

Director of Technical Arts
Talkative. Whimsical.
6 degrees of Eli.
Nebraskan. Creative.

Elijah Miller

Broadcast Technician
Disc golfer, witty,
old soul, logical

Andrew Loy

Production Technician
Future BBQ master. Gym rat.
Americana enthusiast.
Creative. Curious.

Bertie Barkoviak

Technical & IT Administrative Assistant
Caring. Helpful. Driven.
Tech team mom.

Worship Arts

Aleska Barkoviak

Pastor of Worship Arts
Girl's got pipes! Passionate. Driven.
Quilter. Sings opera. Creative.
Star Wars. Harry Potter.

Heather Lake

Worship Arts Administrative Assistant
Tenacious. Science nerd.
Loves to laugh. Faithful.
Rocker chick.