David SchertzDirector of Video


I was born in the warm country of Brazil but raised here in the cold wintery state of Illinois and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Growing up on the farm, traveling the world and having a father that was a missionary I quickly realized that I wanted to learn how to work hard and serve others well. I earned my education degree and taught elementary school for three years before finding out that I wanted to work for the church or a nonprofit. God blessed me with both opportunities!

In 2013, I cofounded Orphan Lights, a nonprofit creative media group. Our focus is to help orphans and trafficked children by partnering with families that are adopting and other nonprofits that can’t quite afford good marketing. We want to help bring awareness to the helpless. It’s a pretty awesome gig!

My wife and I have been married since 2009 and have two girls, Ava and Sophia. We enjoy spending our family times together at home either having impromptu dance parties (Ava is a good dancer), watching movies, or cooking together. One of my goals as a father is to teach my girls how to love and serve like Jesus.