Ami HilemanEastview Global Administrative Assistant


Ami has been attending Eastview since 1999, and prior to joining staff she volunteered in many of the children’s ministries and global outreach.   In 2018, she left a corporate job to follow her passion and join the Eastview Global team.  As a young adult, Ami spent 4 years working with unreached people in Brazil.  She loves helping others discover God’s global church, the beauty of diversity, and the way God works in us when we get outside our comfort zone.    

Ami is proud of her 3 adult children and one high school senior who are all unique and beautifully gifted.   Previously widowed, she found single parenting to be much scarier than any missions work, but saw God’s faithfulness in caring for her family and teaching her to daily trust him.  She has been married to her husband Dan for a year and together they enjoy running, cycling and nature.