Jason SandersonPastor of Worship Arts


I grew up on the Mason/Dixon line in a little town called State Line, PA.  When I was 15 my family moved to Texas where I met my wife and we got married shortly after high school.  I went into the Air Force and served in Law Enforcement.  After getting out of the Air Force in 2001 I continued to pursue Criminal Justice.  In 2003 I started playing the guitar and writing songs.  This led to me leading worship for a small church in West Texas.  From 2005-2012 I served as the worship pastor and then moved to Minnesota where I felt God leading our family.  I served as a worship pastor in Minneapolis from 2013-2018.


My beautiful wife Tisa is the best decision I’ve made right after surrendering to Jesus.  Jesus and Tisa are better to me than I deserve.  We’ve been married for 20 years and I honestly love thinking about 20+ more with her.  We have 3 children.  2 gorgeous daughters (inside and out) and 1 handsome son (just outside for him – haha).  They are currently 19, 17, and 15.  We also have a dog named Watson.


There is nothing that brings me greater joy than learning more about Jesus and singing to and praising him for all he has done for me and my family.  I’m overwhelmed and humbled by his love.