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A part of life is that things die. Relationships die. Dreams die. Organizations die. Theories die. Ideas die. Conversations die. Hope dies. And most serious of all, people die. But there's a story we hear every Easter that begs the question, “Can dead things live again?” And here's the incredible answer, “Yes, they can.” In the beginning God created life with his breath, and now with that same breath of his Spirit, he causes us to live again. In ancient times he illustrated this to a prophet named Ezekiel through a bizarre vision about some dead bones. This was a picture of how God causes dead things to live again and how he would ultimately bring life to everyone through Jesus' resurrection.

The same breath that brought old bones back to life and raised Jesus from the dead, still breathes. If there is some part of you, your experience, your relationships, your spirit, or your thinking that just feels dead, this Easter message is for you. Jesus was dead, but he lived again and this means that you can live again. Join us at one of our Easter services as we celebrate the living Jesus who makes it possible for us to live again.

Easter Services April 9

Good Friday Services April 7, 7:00pm at both the Normal and Bloomington Campuses

Easter Sunday is a day of victory and celebration - a day we rejoice in our rescue and the living hope we enjoy because of Jesus' resurrection. Good Friday is a crucial part of Hope - - God's way. Jesus was betrayed, abandoned, and crucified. His followers felt despair. Our service will reflect that truth and allow for us to even more deeply appreciate the price that Jesus paid to bring us out of despair and secure our hope.

Extend an Invitation

We have invite kits available for you in the upper and lower atrium at the Normal Campus. Let's bring joy to those who could use the hope of Jesus by inviting them to church. We've assembled this invite kit to help you invite those around you to Easter at Eastview. Send these cards in the mail with a handwritten note to your neighbors, family and friends and invite them to join you at an Easter service.

Serve With Us this Easter

It takes many hands to make our Easter services happen! While God works in the hearts of the people who come to our campuses, we invite you to help us create an environment that helps guests feel valued, welcomed, and seen. Our guest services teams help create amazing experiences for those who step inside our church home.

If you want to learn more about being a part of all God is doing through our services through serving, sign up to serve.

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