"What is Love My Community?"

If you’ve been around Eastview in person or online maybe you’ve noticed our vision statement. “We are a Fearless Church of Christ Followers whose Ridiculous Love and Dangerous Witness are Irresistible.” For the last two years we lived out a portion of that vision, Ridiculous Love, where we wanted to Love McLean County specifically. We are now entering into a new season where we want to dial in and refocus this portion of the vision even more. We want to love our communities.

What’s that mean? One of the most important things we’re meant to do as Christians is love our neighbors, so we are learning and listening for the best ways to love and serve everyone in our community. Ultimately this will look like each of us, in our everyday lives, in our everyday ways, intentionally loving and serving people around us.

This new season of Love My Community begins here with the guidance on this page.

Catch the Vision
It's time to put this mission into action. As a group, choose the people or place you will commit to serve and build relationships with over the next few months.
Living on mission is done best with other people. Invite a group of friends to join you on this mission or join an existing small group.
Love Your Community
What happens when everyday people live their everyday lives in extraordinary ways? Or mission is to live in community and on mission. Meaning, through genuine relationship building we love and serve the people around us.

Get Involved

Define your mission!

As an individual, family, or small group choose one of the following ways to serve and start your journey toward loving our community well.


Share your story by emailing it along with a picture of your family or small group serving to stories@eastview.church.

The Martins' Group

After praying and taking a tour of the facility, we knew that serving and celebrating kids for their birthdays at the Boys and Girls Club was our mission. Every month we bring cupcakes and desire for kids to be seen and celebrated for their special day. As we’ve been connecting with kids, we have also been able to build relationships with the staff that have been life giving for all of us.

Molly's Group

After much discussion and prayer, our group chose serving with the Baby Fold. Last fall, we partnered to provide and meet needs for low-income at-risk expectant mothers. This spring and summer, through the help of the Baby Fold, we partnered with a Unit 5 grade school to create a garden and provide all the supplies and effort needed to help teach families how to plant and cultivate their own food. This partnership has been such a rewarding experience for everyone involved.

Love My Community Study Resources

Who we are as a people matters immensely. It drives how we live.
In a culture that is full of distractions, it’s imperative we refocus on who we truly are as a people who love Jesus and loves others. The Love My Community Study Resource will guide your family and group toward 7 key principles that guide our Love My Community mission. Each week will focus on a key part of our identity and encourage us to put each principle into practice as we live on mission.

Use the following pdfs to guide your weekly small group gatherings:

Further Resources:

Not in a group yet? Start your own or join an existing group that is living on mission.

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Just Imagine!

All throughout our community, people live with hidden pain and unanswered needs. We've all been taught to hide and act like things are ok.

When we all say yes to taking risks, reaching out, and loving our neighbors, stories of healing, redemption, and beauty aren't far behind. God has prepared some wonderful opportunities for you to be part of his plan.

And don't be surprised to find yourself being ministered to as well. God has a funny way of doing that when we reach out to others!

Send those prayers out and prepare your heart for adventure. We can't wait to hear your stories.

For questions, support, or to share your story contact smallgroups@eastview.church