Single Moms - Normal Campus

Most young women dream of a wonderful, fun filled, loving time when they think of motherhood. They dream of raising their children with a loving husband and living happily ever after. However too many of us know that isn't always the case. Unfortunately, many mothers are left without a spouse. These moms are now left doing it all on their own, trying to be mom, taxi, housekeeper, cook, coach, psychologist, referee, disciplinarian, nurse, breadwinner, teacher, etc, etc.... It is hard and exhausting all the time. There is no down time, and they feel as if they are always failing.

Single moms' group is a group of women that know all these feelings and understand the craziness because we have all lived it. We laugh, cry, and learn that Jesus is in it with us and for us. Our goal is for moms to come and fill their cup so they can continue being the super women they are. 

Opportunity Details:

This ministry is passionate about providing our single mom’s with:

  • Support and encouragement
  • The opportunity to learn more about God and to grow closer to God
  • A connection and fellowship with other believers in a comfortable and welcoming format

We have lunch together with our kids (check one box from our to do list), the kids go with good, reliable Christian leaders who desire the best for your kids too (check off another worry box about who is with your kids), then we have mom time. We do Bible study and activities that bring us closer to each other and Jesus, and we have Moms’ Day of play, because we deserve time to have fun and laugh too. 

God desires for us to know Him, to build friendship with others and live our lives His way. Come and join us as we explore His Word and what it means for our lives.

This Normal Campus group meets on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month from 12:30 pm - 2:30 pm.

Childcare is provided and free, but you will need to register your child(ren). After signing up you will receive an email to register your child(ren).