High School

At our High School Ministry, we are a group of students who come together to experience the love of God and his church.   Throughout high school we are working towards making faith a priority, stepping into maturity, making sense of it all, and preparing for our futures.  Our Sunday morning worship services give us a chance to hang out together, sing praises to Jesus and be challenged by God’s word.  We’d love to have you come hang out with us this Sunday!



Hey students, we would love to see you! In this time of social distancing, we know that that can be difficult, but we also have an idea on how that can happen. We want to bring a lawn chair over to your house or apartment and sit outside and have a conversation with you to see how you are doing....6ft a part, of course. If you would like to have a Lawn Chair Moment with one your Pastors, or maybe a small group leader, you have a chance to sign up for that opportunity. Go to this link and sign up. You will have an option to choose a day and time for this. You can then choose three people, one of who will come by at the time that you have chosen. This is something you will need your parent’s permission with, so make sure to talk with them before signing up.


We look forward to seeing you soon!



Lawn Chair Moments-Girls



Lawn Chair Moments-Boys



Tips and Tools for Engagement at Home


Sundays at 11:00 am (Normal Campus)
Sundays at 10:00 am (Bloomington Campus)


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We offer a monthly email with news, events and more for parents of kids birth through high school.


Eastview Family News

Our small groups ministry is just as important as our weekly Sunday gathering because this journey of faith is a personal one, but not a private one! Each group is designed for every single student to be in community as they do life in high school and launch into the rest of their lives being fearless in following Jesus, ridiculous in love and dangerous in witness.


The High School Ministry is always looking for students to serve and the worship arts ministry is a great avenue for service. Be on the lookout for future vocal and band auditions that will be announced from time to time.


Have questions or interested in serving? Contact Aleska Barkoviak at abarkoviak@eastview.church


Summer Events Information


CIY MOVE is a week-long youth conference, for current 8th graders-juniors, that our high school ministry attends in the summer. Many students look forward to it as the highlight of their year! Sending your student to MOVE is the gift that keeps on giving even after they attend the conference!


   Informational PDF  



The High School Ministry love to have fun and these events are simply that. We get together throughout the summer to have a blast as a family.

Activities and times to be determined but SAVE THE DATES!

  • June 17
  • July 8
  • August 5

If you are interested in becoming a servant leader at Eastview please contact Mel Roberts at mroberts@eastview.church.


Mel Roberts  | mroberts@eastview.church