Beginning with the new realities of young adulthood, through the child-rearing years and into the empty nest, we have a plan for your family to follow that include milestone events such as your wedding, baby dedication, your child’s baptism, age milestones and launching a young adult. We also have ANNUAL PARENTING PLANS available to help you pass your faith along to your children. Register your family and each year on your child’s birthday, you will receive a birthday packet that will help focus on one particular area of spiritual formation in your child’s life. These are available from the birth of your child through their 18th birthday.


Sign up to receive your Annual Parenting Plan by texting #parentplan to 309-808-6002.


Once You are Signed Up...

We encourage all of you to pick up your first packet for the year that your child is right now, even if they have a birthday coming up.


  • On your child’s next birthday, we will automatically email you a notice that it’s time for your next packet. They will be available at our Normal Campus Family Resource Center outside of the Bookstore on Sundays.