Kids Creative Arts

Welcome to Eastview Kids Creative Arts! This ministry gives children the opportunity to serve God through creative talents they already have or will learn. The kids serve the church and community through this ministry.  Children 4 years of age (by September 1st of each registration year) through 5th grade can be a part of the program. The kids learn a beautiful habit of serving in the church at a young age. 

Choir (K-5th grade)

All kids in creative arts are in the choir with a few exceptions listed above. They learn music and motions to serve once a semester in Eastview Kids and once a semester in the Worship Center. Rehearsals are on Wednesday nights. Every week they will practice choir during the first half of the night as a large group and then break into their track during the second half of the evening.


Art (1st-5th grade)

The Art team, other than choir, has no Sunday commitments They meet Wednesday evenings. They will learn art skills, make community and global mission based projects, as well as items for Sunday curriculum helps.



Dance Team (1st-5th grade)

The Dance team will rehearse on Wednesday evenings and serve one time a semester in Eastview Kids. They will learn lyrical dance to contemporary Christian music.


Joyful Noise Choir (Pre-K)

Children who are 4 years old by September 1st of the registering year can join our Pre-K track! The kiddos enjoy creative activities, a Bible story, and choir practice time for various events. This track meets Wednesdays only and does not serve with large choir on Sundays.

Eastview Kids Creative Arts will kick off after Labor Day! Available for children Pre-K (4yrs by September 1st of registration year) to going into 5th grade. All kids are in choir plus one of the available tracks.


Video (2nd-5th grade by audition)

Video Team kids selected by audition will rehearse and memorize the Sunday scriptures and life applications delivered by video to Eastview Kids on Sundays. Auditions usually take place in May each year. Kids currently in 1st-4th grades can audition to be on the Video Team! For more information or to reserve an audition time slot, contact Vicky at


Eastview Kids Creative Arts registration launches each year in August and the semester kicks off in September. The program breaks with the local school districts for holidays. We return each January of the next year through May of that year. 


Please email Maggie at for more information.


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