Introduction to the Bible

Mondays from 7-8pm at the Bloomington Campus (September 13 - October 18) 


Have you ever wondered how the Bible came together?  Why do we have these books and not others?  Have you heard that the Bible has inconsistencies?  Does reading the Bible just seem confusing and you’re not sure where to begin?  Join us this fall for Introduction to the Bible as we discuss these and other questions you may have about the Bible as we encourage your understanding and love for God’s Word.



Church History, part 1

Tuesdays from 7-8 pm at the Bloomington Campus (September 14 - October 19)


The history of the Christian Church is not just about names, dates, and obscure facts.  It is about the people of God and their joys and struggles in following Him.  We will begin with the early church from the book of Acts and journey with God’s people until the year 1500.  (In the spring, we will continue this journey from 1500 until present day.)  We’ll learn about church leadership through the ages, the persecution of early Christians, how and why specific beliefs were developed, and so much more.  Most importantly, we’ll discuss how the history of the church affects the church and our faith today!


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