For the past several years when children head back to school and the weather begins to show signs of fall, Eastview Christian Church begins to Imagine that no one in our community would go cold or hungry this winter and every child would have a toy at Christmas.  However, this year has been very different.  We have been journeying with our community for the past six months helping to bridge the gap for families finding themselves with reduced or no income through our Ridiculous Love Get Help/Give Help campaign. 


This year, through the Eastview Community Center, we are REimagining how to best serve our community in providing coats, toys, and food to those who we have already been journeying with.  Individuals, couples, and families whom we have come alongside this year received an email on October 5, inviting them to register for REimagine.  Everyone who registers will receive a REimagine Food Box.  Children in these households ages birth through seniors in high school can receive a new coat and toy/gift card. 


Registered families will be partnered with Eastview individuals, couples, families, and small groups who will then journey together this Holiday Season and beyond!  These Eastview Volunteers/Journey Teams will purchase the coats and toys on their registered family’s wish list as they fellowship together.  Click here to volunteer as an Eastview Volunteer/Journey Team. 


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What is REimagine? 

Eastview’s Christmas Coat, Toy, and Food Box giveaway ministry, Imagine, traditionally served around 1,100 households in McLean County on the first Saturday of December.  Thousands of families and volunteers would come to Eastview to share the love of Jesus through prayer and gifts of coats, toys, and food.  This year, with the challenges of social distancing and building restrictions, we have REimagined how to best love our community. 

Families who participated in the Ridiculous Love Campaign during 2020 will receive an email on Monday, October 5, 2020 inviting them to register for REimagine.  In the email, there will be a link to click, taking participants to the registration website.  Once households are registered, they will be partnered with Eastview individuals, families, or small group volunteers.  These volunteers will be our “Journey Teams” who come alongside our registered families, our Neighbors, for the Christmas season and beyond! 


What if I didn't get an invitation to register for REimagine?

There are many other great community resources available. Click the button below for more information!

Community Resources


Who can register to participate in REimagine in 2020? 

Eastview has journeyed with hundreds of families this year through the Ridiculous Love Campaign.  These families will receive an email inviting them to register for REimagine.  If there are children, birth through high school, in the household, families will be asked to share names, gender, birthday, coat size, and toy/gift card suggestions for each child.  These families will then be partnered with Eastview Volunteer individuals, couples, families, or small groups, our “Journey Teams.”  In 2020, our Journey Teams will be limited to partnering with 300 community families/Neighbors. 


If the family does not have any children in the household (birth through high school), they will register for only a Food Box through the same link.  We will only be registering 200 Food Box Only households/Neighbors. 


What is the financial commitment for Eastview Volunteers/Journey Teams? 

Journey Teams will be responsible to purchase a coat and toy/gift card for each child in the household they are partnered with (birth through high school).   When Eastview Volunteers register, they will choose a family size to partner with:  1-2 children, 3-4 children, or 5 or more children.  As prices may vary, we recommend spending $50-$75 for each child.  The overall cost will be dependent on size of family chosen during registration. 


Are Eastview Volunteers required to purchase food for the family they are partnered with? 

No.  Food boxes will be provided through the Eastview Community Center.  Volunteers will pick up a food box and frozen meat for their partner family on November 30 or December 1 at the Bloomington Campus.  More information will be communicated directly with Eastview Volunteers/Journey Teams at the Journey Team Training on October 20 at 6:30pm (Live at the Bloomington Campus or Virtual attendance options). 


I have previously purchased coats for this year’s Imagine.  What do I do with those? 

We recognize that many Eastview families stock up on coats at the end of the season and store them for the following year’s Imagine.  If you already have coats that you are storing, bring them to either the Normal or Bloomington Campus on October 21 or 25.  There will be bins by the main doors to drop off the coats you have previously purchased.  Eastview Volunteers/Journey Teams will have the opportunity on October 27 to “shop” at the Bloomington Campus to fill some of the coats on the wish list of the family they are partnered with. 


What is the ongoing commitment for Eastview Volunteers? 

After journeying together through the Christmas season, our Journey Teams are encouraged to continue walking alongside the families they are partnered with.  Whether attending church or small group gatherings together or celebrating birthdays or graduations, our prayer is for true friendships to be built and fostered. 


As an individual/couple, I would like to volunteer as a Journey Team, but am a little overwhelmed.  Can I still serve? 

Yes!  If you would like to join other volunteers to develop a larger Journey Team to best serve the family you are partnered with, check the “Please partner me…” box on your volunteer registration form and we will be in touch! 


I live outside of McLean County; how can I participate? 

We are so excited to include our Online Campus in this year’s REimagine.  Please click here for participation details.