REimagine is Eastview Community Center’s year-round ministry that partners with Eastview volunteer Journey Teams with community families.  Our focus is on building friendships and an sharing Jesus as we journey together.  For Christmas, Eastview will be providing a special food bag and Journey Teams will be purchasing and giving gifts and other needed items for kids ages birth through high school.




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The Mobilization Team will help pack the food bags on 11/30 and help distribute the bags on 12/7







Stories from our Community


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REimagine this year was absolutely amazing. The gal I am journeying with is such a beautiful person. Her Prayers for me/us are very appreciated. She followed up on a job interview I had and gave amazing words of wisdom! Her husband helped deliver and he was so helpful bringing that heavy food box into the house so I didn't have to. They both wore masks and were so inviting! I thank you all sooo much for helping!


I was so blessed to be included in this program! I received a call for confirmation within a few days and I just received the gifts and got to share my love for God and these blessings with the volunteer who delivered them! Eastview has blessed me and my family so many times. It is a great community of believers that genuinely listen to you and always give encouragement and offer whatever service they feel may benefit you. Prayer warriors for sure! Thank you to all of the families and volunteers.


I was struck by the amount of time, thought, and care the volunteer put into selecting gifts for my children. She really took my feedback and put a great deal of thought into selecting an appropriate gift for each of them. I couldn't be more grateful.


Stories from our Journey Teams

Merriam Webster describes the term “Family” as a social group made up of parents and their children. Though their definition is correct, I personally feel that Family is more than that. I think that Family has a deeper meaning, it’s not just some relations – but a group of people that you hold closest to your heart. REimagine is just that. This opportunity has brought more Family into my life. We have developed a tight bond with our Community family. We are learning that we are going to be there through all the hardships and have an understanding of what brings us up when we are feeling down, what brings joy and positivity. Whether that is your direct blood or your closest friends, you always have Family. Thanks, REimagine!


I contacted the mother of 2 children several times to inquire about prayer requests and make arrangements for delivery of the CHRISTmas items & food box. The family was home when I arrived and the mother introduced me to her children. I delivered the items and asked if there were any other prayer requests. She asked me to pray for her health and for the health of her children. I told her I would. She thanked me for everything and asked if she could give me a hug. I have contacted her to follow up and she updated her prayer requests.



Frequently Asked Questions

Now that we have delivered coats, toys, and a food box to our Community Household, what do we do now?

After journeying with your Community Household through the Christmas season, Journey Teams are encouraged to continue walking alongside the families they are partnered with. This may include calling/texting/sending notes of encouragement, giving birthday gifts and wishes, and sharing invitations to church services, classes, groups, and events.


I missed my opportunity to sign up for REimagine this year, will there be other opportunities to partner as a Journey Team/Community Household?

Yes! Throughout the year there will be periodic opportunities to start new pairings for Journey Teams and Community Households such as at Christmas, Easter, and Back to School.