We have short-term trips available for 2019. For a full listing of all available trips, please view all of our upcoming trips on our Event page.


Upcoming Short-Term Trips



Community Development is a foundational part of the global mission of God. By uniting community needs  with community skills and Kingdom resources, God transforms the physical and spiritual landscape of the world.



The future leaders of every sphere of life are currently in our churches, classrooms, homes and neighborhoods. We both send the Next Generation from our community to serve globally, and we join our global partners in raising up the Next Generation among their communities.




Leadership Development is about multiplication. The world’s needs are impossible to face if leaders aren’t being equipped and multiplying in homes, workplaces and churches. Our desire is to see global followers of Jesus stand up and multiply themselves into every sphere of the world.





Eastview Medical teams focus on meeting as many medical needs as possible for people with limited or zero access to medical care. Our teams work hand in hand with the indigenous doctors and nurses to provide the most appropriate physical and spiritual care as possible.




God has given our church the call to be Dangerous in our Witness both in what we say and what we do. This means going to places and meeting the people in the world who have never heard the Gospel, who have rejected the Gospel or are following another world religion.




GO Deep teams focus on developing a holistic understanding of God’s work throughout the world. Team members will participate in serving experiences, lectures on biblical approaches to mission, home visits and other cultural experiences.




Each Short Term Trip is responsible to raise funds for their team travel, projects while the team is in country and for food and lodging expenses.  Please click here to see all current Short Term Trip fundraisers. THANK YOU for supporting our short term missionaries in their trip fundraising!


Upcoming Fundraisers