God has created you to serve. Thank you for your willingness to take this next step of getting involved! It’s easy to begin and our staff is ready to help you use the gifts that God has given you! Keep scrolling to fill out the volunteer form or take a peek at a listing of our current serving needs in the church, community or opportunities for your small group!

The first steps for serving at Eastview Christian Church is to attend First Steps.  If you have already attended – then your next step is to complete the volunteer interest form.  After we get your information, a ministry leader will schedule a meeting with you to get to know you and share more information about the volunteer position.  We’ll look forward to meeting you! 


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This unique season of Covid-19 presents Eastview with numerous opportunities to serve our neighbors. Consider the following ways to sacrificially and generously show the ridiculous love of Christ Jesus to our community:

  • Food distribution in cooperation with partners such as The Forgotten Initiative, United Way, Immigration Project, B/N Welcoming, District 87, others. This includes
    • Shopping
    • Packing
    • Delivery
    • Traffic Control
  • Procurement and Delivery of items such as masks, sanitizer, journey bags, lunches, food boxes.
  • Driving trucks to pick up and deliver large loads
  • Ordering, sorting, stacking, shelving.
  • We will soon need energetic people to care for youth and children, allowing parents to go to work with confidence that their children are being taken care of.


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If you are interested in volunteering in an area that you don’t see, or have additional questions, please contact Nicki Green at