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Healing God

Date: April 16, 2019

 “ . . . for I am the LORD, your healer.” -- Exodus 15:27

 For a few weeks we’ve been looking at one story found in Exodus 15. Israel had just been liberated from 400 years of brutality and oppression. They were overjoyed, and their elated hearts burst forth in praise and admiration of their God who had ultimately provided new life. As they journeyed toward a promised new life and land, they were only three days in before realizing the journey was overwhelmingly difficult.

 They faced both physical and spiritual thirst. As they desperately craved some water to soothe their parched throats, they increasingly doubted the direction God was taking them. Questions of why and what began to surface and their preferred future seemed in jeopardy.

 As you survey your surroundings, what do you see? Are you in situations that were filled with promise and hope but now are filled with doubt? Are you wondering why things are going the way they are? Are you in a moment that exceeds your abilities and capacity and perplexed as to what’s next?

 The good news is that we follow a God who heals. Most of the time this healing comes in ways we do not expect or anticipate. For Israel, not only did God miraculously heal the bitter, but he then led them to the abundant.

 “Then they came to Elim, where there were twelve springs of water and seventy palm trees and they encamped there by the water.” (Exodus 15:27)

 Your immediate situation is an opportunity for God to demonstrate the seemingly impossible, life giving, and abundant healing only he possesses. Do you believe He will heal?

 “We welcome the healer in this place

We welcome the Author of our faith

We welcome the God who makes a way

His name is Jesus” – Shawn Curan

- Jason Sniff