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He Calls Me - Limited

Date: July 26, 2019

Have you an arm like God, and can you thunder with a voice like his?” --- Job 40:9

“How many of you prefer to be in control of what happens to you?”

Ask this question to a group of 100 people and 99 of them will raise their hands (there’s always one that likes to go against the grain). We have control issues. Whether we simply love to be in control or just hate feeling out of control, the reality is the same for all of us – we feel most confident, comfortable and centered when we feel like the future is in our hands.

Job experienced greater pain and loss than perhaps anyone else in the Bible (aside from Jesus on the cross). His life spiraled into utter chaos, and he reacted … poorly. Much of the book consists of Job’s “speeches” where he expresses every possible emotion about his losses. He clearly feels out of control.

When God finally answers Job in Chapters 38-41 (the “God speeches”) he makes one very powerful point – we would be better off if God was in control of our circumstances. He reminds Job that he is the one who formed this universe with his very breath, and he alone has the might and will to handle the vast problems each of us experiences.

Whenever we go through something hard our ultimate goal is to surrender ourselves and rely on God’s power. Perhaps the first step today is to recognize that we are better off when our great and powerful God takes the reigns. In a word, he simply reminds us that we are – limited.

Are you comfortable acknowledging your limitations? What do you find to be the most awe-inspiring aspect of God’s character?

- Luke Brodeur