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From the Sky

Date: August 2, 2019

Faithfulness springs up from the ground, and righteousness looks down from the sky.” --- Psalm 85:11

I had set little, ten-month-old Levi down in the grass for a moment while I pulled the stroller out of the car. He didn’t like that. Not quite being accustomed to the feeling of pointy grass scratching his legs, Levi made a face that left no room for doubt – he wanted off. 

As I looked down at him sitting there, I expected that he would get upset or start crying but instead he simply looked up at me with a graceful patience. He knew I would get him out of this frustrating situation, so he faithfully looked up and waited for me to rescue him. I picked him back up for our family walk to the park.

This encounter shows me everything I need to know about the call in Psalm 85 to let our faithfulness “spring up from the ground” when the world around us feels like pointy grass scratching our legs. We needn’t do anything more than look to the Lord with graceful patience.

The encounter also allowed me to experience how honoring it feels to be trusted by my child. In response to our faithfulness, God looks down from the sky with the rescuing righteousness that only he can provide, he picks us up, and we walk together into whatever comes next.

What are the uncomfortable circumstances you’re sitting in today? Look up to the sky.

- Luke Brodeur