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I Have Looked

Date: August 3, 2019

“So I have looked upon you in the sanctuary, beholding your power and glory.” --- Psalm 63:2

Psalm 63 is written by David when he was in the wilderness. Last Saturday, I wrote about verse 1 where David expressed his thirst for the Lord. He described the wilderness as a place that was dry and weary and related that to the way his soul longed for God. In verse 2, David recalls his life before the wilderness. He talks about how he looked on God and beheld His power and glory. While David was in distress, he remembered the Lord first. Instead of being completely focused on the problem that was directly in front of him, David chose to think on the Lord.


What is your first thought when trouble comes your way? Are your thoughts directed towards the Lord and to remembering who He is?

I confess that at times I let my problems overwhelm me before I focus my eyes on Jesus. But when I copy David and look at Jesus first, my problems become insignificant. In the light of God’s power and glory, everything else fades away. It doesn’t take the problem away but my burden becomes less because I know who God is. I remember His power and glory and I remember His compassion and love for me. But my memory goes beyond what I have experienced and extends to the knowledge I have from studying the Bible. In order to walk with the Lord, I need more than just experiences with Him. I need to know the truth from His word. This makes me desire to look to God first.

Do you know the Lord well enough to desire to look at Him first?

- Aleska Barkoviak