ConfessionNovember 5, 2017

Confession – Rahab Salvation Story #2 
Joshua 2:8–13 
Tyler Hari (Worship Center)

In Christ, today’s reality is not tomorrow legacy 

Confess what you know to be true (v.9-11) 
  • Rahab’s Confession 
  • Confession is always risky 
  • I can choose to confess or conceal 
Reframe your Fears (v.11) 
  • Fears outside the camp (Deut 2:25, Num 21) 
  • Fears inside the camp (Num 14) 
  • I can choose to feed my fears or my faith 
Cling to God’s invitation (v.12-13) 
  • Rahab’s desperation 
  • God’s ridiculous love - “Hesed” 
  • I can choose to trust God’s promises or my feelings 
Transformed: a whore made whole (Hebrews 11:31)

Confession – Rahab Salvation Story #2
Joshua 2:8-13
Luke Brodeur (Sanctuary)

The power of a confession is that it brings an outsider in.

Confession – the “why” of Rahab’s salvation
  • Speaking out the dependence on God that you feel within”
The Process
  • KNOW (v. 9-10); Psalm 46:10, John 3:16
  • RESPOND (v. 11a); Jeremiah 29:13
  • CONFESS (v. 11b); Romans 10:9
  • SEEK (v. 12-13); Luke 19:10, Acts 16:31
What does it mean for me to have a God that invites everyone in?