ChooseSeptember 16, 2018

Joshua 24:14-22 / September 16, 2018

Choose this day whom you WILL SERVE
  • Whom? You will serve one or the other (v. 15, see John 8:34 and II Peter 2:19)
  • Whom? You can’t serve both (v. 14, 19, see Deuteronomy 5:7, John 8:34)
CHOOSE THIS DAY whom you will serve
  • Here: “in [the] land you dwell” (v. 15)
  • Now: “this day” (vs. 14-15)
Choose this day whom YOU will serve
  • “But as for me and my house we will serve the Lord” (v. 15)
  • “We also will serve the Lord” (v. 18-21, see Matthew 16:15-16)
Prayer Requests:
  • Talk to God about your service to him.  Ask him to help you identify the gods you may be unaware of in your life.  Pray, “Father, what is keeping me from serving you completely?”
  • Pray that God will move mightily in the Joshua 24 Experience in the lives of those who still need choose Jesus for the very first time.
  • Pray for an outpouring of God’s Spirit for baptism Sunday, September 24.  Pray for a friend or family member that you know of who needs to choose Jesus.  Pray for them by name.  Pray that God will open a door for you to invite them.  Pray that they will choose Jesus.
  • Pray for the strength today to choose Jesus.  Repeat daily.