WitnessSeptember 30, 2018

Joshua 24:24-28 / September 30, 2018

  • People of the book (v. 26)
  • Covenant people (v. 25, see v. 27, I Corinthians 11:25; Hebrews 7:22, 12:24)
  • To one another (“you are witnesses against yourselves” v. 22)
  • In sacred spaces (“this stone shall be a witness…” v. 27)
  • To the world (“Joshua sent them… v. 28, Acts 1:8)
Prayer Requests:
  • Pray that God will bring great unity of purpose and direction through the witness of the all church experience at Witness Rock.
  • Pray that Eastview’s dangerous witness to the world will be an overflow of our witness to one another.
  • Pray that many great prayer times, devotion, and spiritual formation will be inspired throughout the next decades through the testimony of Witness Rock.
  • Pray for the Spirit to inspire all generations as we come together in this special dedication and that our younger generations experience a tangible legacy of faith.
  • Thank God for his covenant with us through the sacrifice and blood of his only Son Jesus and for his Spirit who lives in us and guides us.