Abraham's SeedOctober 28, 2018

Abraham's Seed
Matthew 1:1-6 / October 28, 2018

Pro Parenting Tip:  You don’t ignore a Baby because you don’t like the smell of their Diaper

Exalt the Name that Saves (Matthew 1.1; Acts 4.12, Philippians 2.9-11)

SEASON 1: “The Family Who Blesses All Nations” (Matthew 1.2-3)
  • Episodes 1-5 (Genesis 12 thru 50); No matter what you’ve done, the name of Jesus saves
SEASON 2:  “The Bloodline of the Eternal King” (Matthew 1.3-6; Ruth 4.18-22)
  • Episodes 5-14 (Genesis 28 thru 1 Samuel 16); No matter who you are, the name of Jesus saves
Matthew the Evangelist and Disciple-Maker
  • Tax Booth and House Party (Matthew 9.9-13, Luke 5.27-32); You can’t walk backward into your future
  • Galilean Mountain and ECC 2019 (Matthew 28.18-20); The Baby-King is building a family of nations…may His Kingdom come…
Prayer Requests:
  • May the Kingdom of God come through the Global Partnerships and short-term trips we participate in over the coming year.
  • May the Kingdom of God come in Bloomington-Normal as we embark on another year of Imagine this October, November, December (and beyond).
  • May the Kingdom of God come in our hearts as we prepare to celebrate the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays with gratitude and generosity
  • May the Kingdom of God come through our Children, Students, and Young Adults as they fearlessly follow Christ, ridiculously love others, and dangerously witness to the world.