A King ReturnsDecember 30, 2018

“A king returns”
Matthew 2:19-23 / December 30, 2018

Jesus’ return from Egypt to Nazareth reveals something of who he is and where he lives.

Jesus is a king who brings us out (Egypt, v. 19, see v. 15)

Who lives near faithful obedience (Joseph, v. 19)

Jesus is a fearless king (Archelaus, v. 22)

Who lives on the wrong side of the tracks (Nazareth, v. 23)

Jesus is a humble king (see Luke 2:51)

Who lives in the next step of trust (land of Israel, v. 20, district of Galilee v. 22)

Prayer Requests:
  • Pray for God to inspire the people of Eastview Christian Church to welcome this Christ into our lives in 2019.  May he move in, like he did 2,000 years ago to Nazareth.
  • Pray for our vision Sunday coming January 13 that we will be more “in” than ever before.  Ask God to help you grow as a follower.  Talk to him to some spiritual habits you need to form in the coming year.
  • Praise God for the victories he has brought in 2018 and/or for the hard times he has helped you through.
  • Pray for Pastor Mike and his strength to preach the truth with passion and in a relevant way as never before.
  • Pray for our elders - Austin, Barton, John A, John M, Rod, Chad, and Steve.  God give our shepherds wisdom, grace, and vision for the coming years.