Authority to HealMarch 24, 2019

“Authority to Heal”
Matthew 8:5-13 / March 24, 2019

“Jesus’ Kingdom authority heals our lives to the degree we invite Him in.”

Who is this man? (v. 5-6)
  • A man with earthly authority 
  • A man who finds himself out of control
  • What’s currently beyond your control that Jesus alone must heal?
Our faith and His authority (v. 7-9)
  • Do I know myself? - “I’m not worthy” / “I don’t deserve”
  • Do I know Him? - “Say the word” 
Jesus takes note (v. 10)
  • “Marveled” / “Astonished”
  • God’s strongest reactions to faith (Matt 8:10, Mark 6:6, Rev. 3:14-16) 
  • Where can I increase my faith?
Jesus takes control (v. 11-13) 
  • Public Service Announcement… “attention Sons/Subjects of the Kingdom”
  • Jesus’ Kingdom authority 
  • Who can I intercede for?
Prayer Requests:
  • Pray for the people in your life who need healing that you can intercede for like the Centurion and his servant.
  • Pray for one opportunity this week to point someone to Jesus by showing what he has done in your life.
  • Pray for our preaching/teaching team as they travel around India this week with CICM leaders to preach, teach, encourage other pastors.
  • Pray for Easter Sunday, four weeks from today.  Who is one family or friend that you can invite?