Authority Over the Storm March 31, 2019

“Authority Over the Storm”
Matthew 8:23-27 / March 31, 2019
Mike Baker – Normal Campus 

What you need to know about storms

THERE ARE STORMS IN LIFE (“the boat was being swamped by the    waves” - v. 24)

• Sea of Galilee forecast: behold…a great storm (Mark 4:35-41, Luke 8:22-25)

• Life forecast: storms happen (Matthew 7:25&27)

JESUS IS WITH YOU IN THE STORM (“Why are you afraid?” – v. 26)

• Faith statement: “Lord save us”

• Little faith statement: “we are perishing”

JESUS HAS AUTHORITY OVER THE STORM (“…even the winds and sea obey him?” – v. 27)

• He rose and rebuked

• They marveled (“great storm” (v. 24) to “great calm” (v. 26)