I Swear June 9, 2019

 “I Swear”
Matthew 5:33-37 / June 9, 2019
Guest Speaker - Brian Jobe

Referenced scripture: Numbers 23:19; John 8:44; Ephesians 4:25; Matthew 5:33-37; Matthew 26:63-64; Proverbs 10:19; Luke 19:8

We demand ____________ in virtually every area of our lives.

Web MD…convince yourself you have a terminal illness

Nike…Just Buy It!

Victoria’s Secret…lowering a woman’s self-esteem since 1977

Chick-fil-A…You’ll crave us on Sundays

Ikea…We throw in extra parts just to mess with you

Motel 6…We’ll leave the light on for you…’cause you’re probably in a sketchy neighborhood

We are tempted to tell ____________ lies.

We are tempted to tell ____________ lies.

We are tempted to tell ____________ lies.

We’re also tempted to tell ____________ lies.   

“Integrity is the moral and spiritual ____________ of a person’s soul.”   
- Jack Hayford

1. Decide to be ____________ to tell the truth. 

2. Learn to tell the truth ____________ .

3. When you lie, summon the courage to ____________  it.