The Non-Judgmental LifeJuly 28, 2019

KINGDOM 101: Life in the Kingdom #1
 “The Non-Judgmental Life”
Matthew 7:1-6 / July 28, 2019
J.K. Jones

Don’t judge...Have you ever been on the receiving end of someone’s harsh judgment? 

I would like to ask Jesus 4 questions from this passage:

#1. Jesus, what is judging?

#2. Jesus, why do you tell me to stop judging?

#3. Jesus, how do I avoid judging?

#4. Jesus, where is the Gospel of the Kingdom in this passage?

The non-judgmental life is possible...


Pray Pastor Mike and Sara will return from vacation refreshed and renewed.

Return to school is nearly here. Pray that our ECC students would be salt and light on their campuses.

Pray that we would be discerning Christ-followers without all the hyper-criticism and harsh judgment.

Pray that our Lord’s “Kingdom-Come” would cause us to be both bold and kind in our witness.

Thank Him for the grace that not only saves us but sustains us, as Christ-followers.

Pray that this 6-part series (Kingdom 101: Life in the Kingdom) would be used by our faithful Father to form us more and more into the people He longs for us to be.