Mike Baker's Resignation

Feb 25, 2023

The Elders were committed to walking this journey with Mike Baker, endeavoring to support the truth-seeking process to transparently reflect and correct – if necessary. Over the recent days the Elders met in executive session to determine the best path forward. Before decisions were finalized, Elders and ECC leadership removed the Saturday, February 25th edition of “Mike Talks.” Very soon thereafter, regrettably, Mike submitted his resignation as the Senior Pastor of Eastview Christian Church. The Elders did not call for his resignation.

Later, on February 25th, the Elders met with Mike. Then and now the Elders believe that for the health of our church, a third-party involvement is necessary to adequately address allegations. Mike remains steadfast in his sincere conviction that there is nothing to investigate. However, because the Elders were not aware of everything that transpired involving Caleb Baker’s departure and want to be transparent in the process, we reached an impasse.

We love and support Mike and Sara Baker. Our hearts break for their family, and we pray for healing for the Baker Family as well as the Church they loved so well.