ELT Third Party Audit Selection Process

Mar 11, 2023

In the past two weeks, the Elder Leadership Team (ELT) was faced with the task of evaluating and selecting a third-party audit firm to conduct the audit/investigation as outlined in our previous communication.  In making that decision, there were several criteria that we felt were necessary: 

  • High recommendations from churches/other NFPs that have had need for similar help 
  • Ability to conduct the audit/investigation in an immediate and timely fashion if possible 
  • Trauma informed approach toward investigation
  • Willingness to not only conduct restorative justice work but also stay engaged to provide help/guidance with restoration throughout the church as a whole 
  • Access to resources for continuing education and training 

The team identified two candidates to interview based upon recommendations received from a variety of sources.  

Interviews were conducted on Friday, March 3, and based upon those interviews the ELT has decided to engage with Wagenmaker & Oberly LLC.   

It was evident to the team that the point person for Wagenmaker & Oberly LLC, Kellye Fabian Story, and her team would provide the expertise, approach, and timely attention that Eastview needs at this time. The other organization is well respected, and we are sure they also would have done a good job. There were distinguishing differences that separated Wagenmaker & Oberly. Namely, we were able to interview the individual that would actually lead the investigation, they could engage and begin immediately, and they provided the option to stay engaged for restorative justice practices that could help the healing process. However, we were impressed with the resources that the other well-respected organization could provide to Eastview as it relates to ongoing consultation and training, so we are very much open to utilizing their services in the future when/if it seems appropriate.