Elder Update April 19, 2023

Apr 19, 2023

On Tuesday April 4, 2023, several Eastview staff and Elders received a 4-page letter from Mike Baker, our previous Sr. Pastor. The letter was sent to a little less than half of the Eastview staff and a portion of the Elders. For our staff’s health, and with a posture of transparency, we shared the letter with all of our staff and Elders on April 5th. We did not want to have pockets of knowledge and we wanted to provide space to process the contents of the letter before Easter Sunday. It’s now come to our attention that a modified version of this letter has been posted by Mike online.

We want the Eastview church family and community at large to know we continue to love Mike and his family, and we are praying for everyone involved in this situation. Out of respect for the privacy of those impacted, and in order not to distract from or jeopardize the ongoing investigation, we believe the most loving and honoring approach we can take is refraining from the public airing of grievances. Therefore, we are not going to address the content of Mike’s letter to the staff or his modified post publicly prior to the conclusion of the investigation. We fully trust the voluntary investigation process will bring the necessary truths to light. We are encouraging all of our Eastview church family to continue to pray for the individuals that have come forward to report their experiences at Eastview as well as the Baker family during this time.