Elder Update June 4, 2023

Jun 04, 2023

Today is a very important day for our church. Over the past three months, considerable work has been done to understand and document the circumstances and decisions that have brought us to this point.

With a posture of transparency, we have participated in the investigation by providing documents that we became aware of, providing lists of witnesses, and submitting to interviews ourselves. We join our staff and congregation in praying that anything hidden comes to light and for the truth to be revealed, so that we can embrace the truth gracefully and be changed by it.

Like you, tonight the elders are reading the report for the first time. We remain committed to receiving the information and findings with humility and open hearts to grieve for those whom we know have been harmed.

We also want to acknowledge that over these last few months, our church staff and senior leadership have been amazing! They have led well in a difficult season. They have wisely sought regular coaching from experienced church leaders from around the country, and a staff advisory group has attended every weekly elder meeting. While we still have much to walk through together, we anticipate providing additional update(s) in direct response to the findings soon. Moving forward, we will be processing the report and praying for the Holy Spirit’s leading and for wisdom. We ask our church family and the larger body of Christ to pray with us.