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The Young Adult Gathering is a space for our Young Adults to find, embrace, and practice their identity in Jesus through worship, teachings, and hang out with other young adults the first Thursday and third Sunday of every month at our Bloomington Campus.

If you're new to the Young Adult Community, this is a great space to find your people and places with Young Adults. Each month we look to give you practical steps for your faith and grow in our love for one another and this county we live in.


Each Gathering we have engaging worship led by young adults, for young adults.  We believe in the power of young adults singing praises and pouring our love out for God, and how it changes us individually as as a larger community.


Each Gathering features teaching that is related to the Young Adult phase of life.  We believe the Word of God is alive and active and has something to say to young adults in their present stage of life and to prepare them for life-long discipleship with Jesus.  We seek to give a practical next step and spiritual discipline each month so that we can practice the Way of Jesus as a community.


We offer a variety of ways to meet other young adults, hang out with old and new friends, and grow in our care for one another as a larger community.  We take inspiration from Acts 2:42-47 in our desire to be a community that is unified under the name of Jesus with glad and generous hearts.


Our Young Adult Gatherings happen at our Bloomington Campus (401 W. Union Street) on the first Thursday (7pm - 8:30pm) and the third Sunday (5pm - 6:30pm) of every month.  Our service runs in the Sanctuary, and then we spend time hanging out with one another afterward!