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We partner with Orchard Group who exists to plant churches in places with significant population density, ethnic diversity, economic disparity, and spiritual difficulty.

Renaissance Church

We partner with Renaissance Church in Harlem. Eastview made a commitment several years to help plant 5 churches in New York City. The Lead Pastors of the church are Jordan and Jessica Rice. It has been a gift to be a part of what God is doing in Harlem through Renaissance.

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Rhythm Community Church

We're excited for our partnership with Rhythm Community Church in Mesa, AZ. The lead pastor of Rhythm is Matt Fogle, former high school ministry leader at Eastview. Matt and his family felt called to start this church and began launching local missional communities in July of 2019. In the years to come they envision reproducing churches in the Phoenix area and around the globe.

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SLO City Church

We have recently partnered with a new church plant in the heart of San Luis Obispo, California. SLO City Church desires to live the way of Jesus, bringing hope to everyone.

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Community Church

We are excited to support Lou and Allie Pizzichillo as they plant Community Church in Babylon, NY. This is a community on Long Island, one of the most densely populated areas in the country.

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City Coast Church

Eastview is honored to support Charlie and Leslie Welke in their Fairfield County, Connecticut church plant. Fairfield County is the most diverse county in Connecticut with some of the most substantial economic disparities. Charlie and Leslie believe God has called their family to build a church that reaches all types of people in Fairfield County.

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Reunion Church

Reunion Church is in one of the busiest sections of New York City and led by church planters, Russel and Katie Rader. In NYC, young professionals face pressures to find their identity in their work, in their abilities, in their educational status, and in their relationships. Many people in the city are lonely, overworked, and lacking community. Russel and Katie desire to build a church full of people who will understand and base their identity in Jesus.

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