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Why a Longer Trip?

Think of it as a missional journey. You know God wants to use you for His ministry, but you need space to explore and discover what you were created for. Get equipped to answer God’s calling on your life! It’s not time off, it’s intentional time to invest in your purpose as a believer. Embark on a missional journey to discover your next step with God. Contact us to discuss the following time frames to discover missions and experiences.

10-14 Weeks

Nurture your heart for non-believers through overseas missional engagement! Learn to reach non-believers as you grow deeper in the knowledge of Jesus! (Location could be Middle East, Asia, and many other opportunities).

3 Months

Missionary Mentorship – Get mentored in an international unreached/unengaged country and learn to share the Gospel cross-culturally. Come explore North Africa or the European Diaspora.

6 Months

Join a Discipleship Training School. Spend 3 months to Know God and 3 months to Make him Known around the world! Serve in Thailand, Japan, Lebanon, or Nepal.