Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process and timeline for finding a new Lead Pastor?

There are three phases to the lead pastor search.

    Phase 1: Preparation (6 months | March-August, 2023)
    Status: Completed

  • Conclusion of the investigation
  • Engagement with a search firm to facilitate the process.
  • Collaborative interviews with staff and key leaders to gather insights.
  • Craft and broadcast the job profile nationally.

    Phase 2: Process (6-8 months, September, 2023 - April, 2024)
    Status: In Process

  • Networking and National search for candidates.
  • Identify, interview, and evaluate an initial list of qualified candidates.
  • Narrow the initial list of candidates down to ideal candidate(s).
  • Prayerful selection of the right candidate.

    Phase 3: Placement (3-4 months)
    Status: Pending

  • Prepare and present a position offer to our preferred candidate.
  • Facilitate the candidate’s smooth transition from their previous church.
  • Welcoming and onboarding our Lead Pastor.

Who is responsible for the search and selection?

While the Elder Board holds the ultimate responsibility, it's crucial to understand that our approach has been rooted in deep listening and empowering others for the church's holistic success. Our Elder Board will make the final decision but only after a thorough process guided by prayer, collective wisdom, and collaboration.

What are the roles and responsibilities of the new Lead Pastor?

  • Serve as primary spiritual leader and vision caster for Eastview Christian Church.
  • Act as a bridge, ensuring smooth communication between the elders and our staff.
  • Primary representative and communicator for Eastview Christian Church.
  • Cultivate a culture of faith, making disciples who are equipped to reach the lost and inspire the community.
  • Set vision and direction for the church.
  • Help create an empowering, collaborative, and fun staff culture.
  • Serve as the primary teacher while building up a preaching team.

Are we working with any external organizations on the search and what is their role in the process?

The Elder Board has chosen a national search firm, Slingshot, to assist us in hiring our next Lead Pastor. You can go to to learn more about this firm.

How can we be praying for this process and search?

Each person in our congregation has the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to pray and seek God’s favor in choosing our next lead pastor. Our gracious God knows and sees all things. He knows who our next lead pastor is going to be! Please join us by regularly praying for wisdom and discernment as we search and interview. Please pray for God to supply the right next Lead Pastor in his timing.

Invite! Anyone in our congregation can invite candidates into our national search process. If you know of an interested and qualified candidate, please direct them to fill out an application at

Why is the church in search of a new Lead Pastor?

Our former senior pastor, Mike Baker, stepped down in February 2023. For those seeking a deeper understanding of the events leading up to Mike’s departure you can click here.

How is the church being led in the interim?

During this transitional phase, our Executive Pastor, Tyler Hari, has been chosen by the Elders to guide our church community in collaboration with our Staff’s Executive Team and Staff Advisory Council. The Elder Team maintains its spiritual oversight to ensure our church stays committed to its mission and vision. Moreover, we will continue to empower our volunteers to lead our ministries and outreach in the service of kingdom work.

How can we ask additional questions?

Your voice matters to us. You have two avenues to raise a question.

First, you can channel your inquiries to Every question is treated with seriousness, logged for transparency, and directed to the appropriate team for an informed response.

Second, as mentioned in the Elder update on September 30, 2023, the Elders will continue to monitor the email address and respond to emails sent directly to them.